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Thank you for joining the conversation.  If you love reading, want to write, or just need some encouragement in your own daily walk, you’ve come to the right place.

Search under the “Writing about Writing” tab for posts about the ups and downs of my daily writing practice; check out “Writing about Reading”  if you love to discuss books or your experiences in a life spent reading; or find some spiritually-themed meditations to help you through your day under the “Meditations” tab. Under “Good Things for a Bad Days,” you’ll find links to funny, encouraging, beautiful, or just plain interesting creative content that may brighten your day.

The goal of this blog is not only to engage readers, but to provide a personal platform through which to consistently, relentlessly write every day. The quote below explains my guiding philosophy in my writing practice.

“Say to yourself, ‘I accept failure as the condition of this life, this work. I freely accept it as my destiny.’ Then go on and do the work. Never ask yourself anything beyond ‘Did I work today?’ If the answer to that question is ‘yes,’ then no other question is allowed.”  ~ Richard Bausch

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